Hair at Guys & Dolls in Chorlton, Manchester

At Guy & Dolls we have built a reputation of high standards in hairdressing throughout our twenty years in the industry. With the use of consultations, our staff use their experience and passion to create beautifully styled hair which suits each individual client. Our focus on quality and our down-to-earth culture ensure that clients return to our hair salon time after time.

We provide hair services to everyone – and we do mean everyone! Our staff are experts in all lengths of hair and in all types of hair! Kids are welcome, they will feel relaxed and happy at our children’s hair cutting station. 

Brazilian Blow Wave at Guys & Dolls
in Chorlton, Manchester

Guys & Dolls in Manchester specialise in Brazilian Blow Wave treatments. This latest innovation in hairdressing has made women’s hair all over the world straighter, smoother and healthier than ever before.

What is a Brazilian Blow Wave?

The Brazilian Blow Wave is a semi-permanent straightening and treatment process which lasts for up to four months. The treatment uses Keratin (a natural protein found in hair, skin and nails) to penetrate the hair, repairing internal damage and preventing further damage by coating the hair. The application and straightening process ensures immediately visible results by sealing the Keratin and moisture into the hair cuticle.

What are the results?

Expect Soft, Straight and Shiny hair for up to four months.  After you have had the Brazilian Blow Wave you will be amazed at how easily your hair sits straight and how healthy it looks after a wash. Care and styling of your hair becomes effortless for months - you can save your wet-to-dry-to-straight time by up to an hour every wash! The Brazilian Blow Wave will leave your hair ultra-resilient and it will no longer be affected by rain, sweat or humidity – goodbye frizzy hair!

So, what are you waiting for? Call us to find out more or to book your appointment now! 

Botox for hair

Devised by the experts at L'oréal, this latest treatment works by filling in any holes in the hair shaft which makes hair smoother and healthier - with the extra benefit of added volume.

From £15 you can have thicker and stronger hair which lasts for ten washes. This treatment is perfect for damaged, dry, curly or frizzy hair. Why not try it with your next Cut'n'Blow? It only takes an extra 15 minutes!

This treatment restores hair giving great results which you will see immediately when your hair is finished. Mizani is one of the most used products - although there are many alternatives. Please speak to one of our stylists to find out more. 


Hair Relaxers at Guys & Dolls
in Chorlton, Manchester

Hair relaxing uses a chemical to permanently straighten hair and make it more manageable. It works by changing the hair structure from curly or wavy to straight. Although permanent, retouches are required on re-growth approximately every 6 to 8 weeks.

Here at Guys & Dolls we only use high quality relaxing products for clients who want smooth, controllable hair - and most importantly for those who want to maintain the quality and condition of their hair. All our relaxing services include a reconstructing & finish treatment.

The staff at Guys & Dolls have been providing relaxers for over twenty years. We have a huge number of clients which regularly return to have their hair relaxed at our salon. Whether you have Afro-Caribbean, mixed race or naturally curly hair – Guys and Dolls have the experience and know-how to straighten your hair in the safest way possible to make sure your hair stays straight and healthy all year round. 

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